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Hellam Township
First in York County 1739

Historic Preservation

Hellam Township is rich in historic buildings and landscapes. Particularly significant are sites dating to the early 18th century when the Township was the "western frontier" for settlers moving west across the river.

About 1855 tobacco growing became a profitable business for farmers in the area. As a result, cigar manufacturing began in what would become Hallam Borough. Gradually the Borough became a nucleus of the southwest section of the Township. It was in this area that the Pennsylvania Railway Station and a mill were located. A tannery, store, hotel, post office, tobacco factory, doctor's office and church were also erected near the railroad station. Gradually the Borough became a nucleus of the southwest sector of the Township. It was the area in which most farmers, mills, stores and ore pits were located. By 1880 there were about 20 structures in the Borough, generally located along Market Street ( now Route 462.)

Along the Susquehanna River, the Accomac Inn was constructed in 1775 at the site of Anderson's Ferry, which was chartered in 1742. This ferry was the primary crossing site of the Susquehanna River in colonial times.

Wrightsville Borough, surrounded by Hellam Township, was once a center of transport and industry, functioning as a canal hub, an operating foundry, tannery, gristmill, hotel, iron furnace, gun factory and a sawmill which was powered by the Susquehanna River. The first national road, the Lincoln Highway, now Route 462, passes through the Township and both Hallam and Wrightsville boroughs. US Route 30 now runs parallel to Route 462.


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