Seven Gates of Hell

Perhaps the most notorious of Hellam’s mysterious and spooky places is that part of the Township known as “The Seven Gates of Hell”.  It was the subject of one of Mike Argento’s York Daily Record columns  several years ago  and can even be found on ‘Wikipedia’, an encyclopedia web site.  Apparently, the area in question is a wooded area off Trout Run Road in the northwestern part of the Township.  All kinds of wild rumors are attached to the area.  An insane asylum supposedly located there caught fire, allowing the inmates to escape, but seven gates surrounding the asylum trapped them and many were burned or were killed or lived on to stalk and murder.  Another story links the “Seven Gates” to an eccentric local doctor who erected a large gate at the entrance to his property, and rumors sprang up that there was a series of gates beyond that one along a road leading deep into the woods with something mysterious hidden at the end of road.  It was said that no-one who passed the fifth gate ever returned. 


Just as there seems to be no truth to the rumors about the “Seven Gates of Hell” (no asylum ever existed there, and the local doctor had only one gate and that was to keep out trespassers), there is also no truth to the story that Hellam Township was named for ‘hell’! The fact is that our Township’s name is a corruption of the name ‘Hallam’, named for Hallam, England.


Just a note: this area is private property. Trespassers will be prosecuted.


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