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Hellam Township
First in York County 1739

Forests & Woodlands

Hellam Township's woodlands currently occupy 35%  (6,000 acres) of the Township's total area. This area includes a mix of 90% hardwood species (oaks, maples, tulip poplars, etc.) and 10% evergreens (pines and spruce.) The majority of the woodlands is in the northern third of the Township (5,000 acres) in the Hellam Hills section. A smaller section (900 acres) is located in the southern third of the Township in the South Hills section. The 600-acre area between Hillview Road and Strickler School Road is also considered an important native plant and animal species protection area because of its size and the lack of fragmentation.

Most of the woodlands are privately owned. A relatively small amount is publicly owned. The 300 acre parcel  in Rocky Ridge County Park is located at the western boundary of the Township north of Route 30.

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