Hellam Township was greatly impacted by last night's storms. Sections of the following roads are closed due to downed trees and power lines:

Picking Road

River Drive, from Codorus Furnace down

Spring Road, from Orebank Road to Kreutz Creek Road


Thank you for your patience while our Road Crew works diligently to clear the debris from all of our TOWNSHIP ROADS

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How do I obtain a building permit?

To apply for a building permit, you must first fill out a building permit application and submit it to Hellam Township. Printed applications are available in the Township vestibule, or you can download a digital copy HERE.

Hellam Township uses two, third-party, building inspections services. They are Common Wealth Code Inspection Services (CCIS) and Building Inspection Underwriters (BIU). The Township collects and processes the permit applications before forwarding them to the building inspection company of your choice. Once the permits are submitted to the inspection company, any additional communications including inspection scheduling will be done between the inspection company and the applicant directly.

If and when the permit applications are approved, they are returned to the Township Zoning Officer and they will reach out to you when the permits are ready for pickup. In addition to the non-refundable admin fee paid when you submit your application, there may be additional zoning charges and/or fees owed to the building inspection company. Please inquire about the total fees owed by you, prior to pick-up. For building permits, we accept payments via check only.

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