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Applying for a permit

To begin, you must fill out a zoning permit application and a building application, if applicable, that should include the signature of the property owner. Please include a drawing of your proposed improvement, showing setbacks, building dimensions, and lot coverage, including driveways. Please submit the completed applications either in-person at the Township building, via standard mail, or by emailing the forms to zoning.hellamtownship.com. You must pay the application fees in order for your permit to being the submittal process.


There is a $25 non-refundable zoning application fee payable at the time of submittal. Your application will be reviewed by the zoning department once submitted. If there are any questions regarding your application, we will contact the person listed on your application. Please be sure all contact information is correct. The fee for the zoning permit is $8 per $1,000 spent on the construction costs and is payable when you pick up the permit. If a building permit is also required, we will forward that application to one of our building inspectors. After it has been reviewed and approved by them, we will contact you and you can pick up the building permit along with your zoning permit.


We accept cash and checks for zoning permits payments; which checks are payable to Hellam Township. Payment for building permits is payable to the specific third-party inspection service utilized, either Common Wealth Code Inspection Services, Inc. (CCIS) or Building Inspection Underwriters, Inc. (BIU). Cash is not an acceptable form of payment for building permits at this time. The permit process on average takes 10-14 business days to complete. You must allow for this time in scheduling your construction project, as no work may begin until the appropriate permits are acquired.

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