Hellam Township was greatly impacted by last night's storms. Sections of the following roads are closed due to downed trees and power lines:

Picking Road

River Drive, from Codorus Furnace down

Spring Road, from Orebank Road to Kreutz Creek Road


Thank you for your patience while our Road Crew works diligently to clear the debris from all of our TOWNSHIP ROADS

Click the following link to take the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan Survey! Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan Survey

Take the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan Survey!

Posted on June 24, 2024

The three municipalities included in the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan

Hellam Township, Hallam Borough, and Wrightsville Borough are embarking on an exciting journey to shape the future of your community through the development of a multi-municipal comprehensive plan!

A comprehensive plan is a strategic document that will outline the collective vision of all three municipalities for growth, development, and sustainability. It serves as a guide for decision-making, addressing critical topics such as land use, transportation, housing, economic development, agricultural and environmental conservation, and community services. By crafting this plan together, we ensure that our neighborhoods thrive, our farmland and natural resources are protected, and our quality of life is enhanced.

As part of the comprehensive plan development process, we are hosting an online public survey. Its purpose is to give residents of the Township and both Boroughs an opportunity to share their thoughts on how they want their communities to manage growth and change over the next few years.

Your voice is essential in this process. By participating in this survey, you can contribute to the blueprint that will shape the future of the region. Click the link below to share your thoughts on the major issues and opportunities impacting your community, and what topics the plan should prioritize.


Note: The term “municipality” used in this survey refers to Hellam Township, Hallam Borough, and Wrightsville Borough. Please refer to the map below if you need any assistance with identifying which municipality you live in.

Thank you for your participation and for helping to shape your community’s future!

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